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What Will the Price of My PC Designs Website Be?

We think prices should be clear and free of extra charges. Our cost-effective solutions, which don’t require a down payment or startup charges, start at just $160 per month as a result. Contact us right away to get started, and we’ll assist you in choosing the right plan for your requirements.

How is pricing determined?

You’ll agree to pay a little monthly charge for 24 months, but you’ll start enjoying the advantages of your site right away.

Is The Website Mine?

Yes! We don’t keep our clients at ransom! The website is entirely yours after your website contract has been fully paid. The website may then be hosted, run, and maintained solely by you. You might also leave it with us and pay a later discounted rate for our monthly website administration services.

Do You Provide A Money-Back Guarantee?

You may ask for a complete refund of your subscription during the first 30 days for any reason.

How long will the creation of my website take?

We recognize that the sooner your website is live, the sooner you can start making sales, unlike other web design companies that could leave you hanging for several months before launch.

Because of this, we can launch your website in as little as 30 days (once your onboarding phase is complete.) Bigger packages and add-on services could make your project take longer.

Does My PCD Website Have Google Optimization?

Yes! In order to provide you the best head start in optimization, PCD designs all websites on a WordPress platform. Following that, we execute all the necessary search engine optimization (SEO) tactics as part of every package to get you off to a strong start. (This includes title tagging, meta descriptions, and URL structures that are optimized.)

To make your website more searchable, we will additionally optimize your photos and produce an XML sitemap. Since these elements may affect search rankings, we’ll keep your site safe with an SSL certificate and make sure it loads quickly.

And sure, you can request expert, keyword-optimized content writing. Just ask!

Can you provide the website's images?

We can, yes! We have a MASSIVE collection of niche-specific images and videos. If we’re unable to discover what you’re looking for, we’ll search our network of paid stock photos on your behalf and assist you in purchasing the pictures you need.

To make your website more searchable, we will additionally optimize your photos and produce an XML sitemap. Since these elements may affect search rankings, we’ll keep your site safe with an SSL certificate and make sure it loads quickly.

And sure, you can request expert, keyword-optimized content writing. Just ask!

Are You Able To Supply The Website Content?

Yes, the majority of businesses use us to create SEO-friendly content that will best represent their brand. Professional copywriting won’t be necessary for every page of your website, but if you’d want us to do the remainder, we’ll write for $150 for each page.

What is the price to get started?

We don’t charge any setup costs or other expenses. We think that pricing should be open and honest. Our introductory rate is $180 per month with a 24-month commitment. For your convenience and security, we will securely record your credit card information when you sign up to set up your first month’s payment.

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s quite simple! Simply let us know if you wish to sign up by filling out our contact form or leaving a comment in the chat box. We will talk about your requirements, establish your payment schedule, and direct you to our sign-up page.

What Is The Sign Up Page?

A form asking for information about your company may be found on the sign-up page. You will be guided through the process of outlining everything we will need to construct your website!

What Happens When I Sign Up?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll go to work setting up your website’s server and assisting you in securing your company domain name (if needed). Your sign-up form, which will guide you through each stage of the design process, will subsequently be sent to you. It allows you to provide us with everything we require to develop the ideal bespoke website for your brand. This procedure is quick and simple, and it enables us to work together to develop the ideal vision for your website.

What Is The Time Frame On Making My Website?

We can typically provide your website in four to six weeks once we have all the required material (such as content writing, logos, photos, and any other important branding information). We make every effort to launch your fully functional website as soon as feasible without compromising quality. Whereas some web design companies could leave you waiting for months on end for a site to be finished, we are aware that the sooner your website is live, the sooner you can start making sales. We always deliver on schedule because we take deadlines seriously.

What if I dislike the design of my website?

To help us understand the kind of appearance you’re going for with your site, we ask you to list three other websites that you truly enjoy when you join us. Additionally, you may choose the fonts and colors you want us to use. This enables us to create a website that is exactly as you want it to be. The initial delivery we make might not always be exactly what you need. What then should we do to put things right? Please be as direct and critical as you can. I mean, really! Please offer as many constructive criticisms of our design as you can. We ask because we want your website to be absolutely perfect. In order to ensure that your site is excellent and precisely how you want it, we provide our customer’s several revisions as well. We like delivering flawless websites, and we want our clients to be over the moon with their finished products.

Does My Website Come SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Ready?

Yes! To start, for appropriate optimization, WordPress serves as the foundation for every website we build. After that, we’ll put the right SEO tactics into practice for a successful launch. The usage of appropriate header tags and optional keyword-rich content are both parts of our on-page SEO strategy. We’ll use proper title tags, meta descriptions, and URL architecture. By compressing and trimming your photographs, as well as adding your keywords to the URL and title, we will optimize them. Additionally, we’ll make an XML sitemap and have Google index your website. We maintain the highest standards for your website with SSL certificates to keep it safe and construct it leanly for quick loading times. For your SEO to get off to the correct start, each of these measures is essential.

What Exactly Does Your Service Include, Simply?

All the features and functionalities that your company could want are included in our standard website package. Your website will initially be tastefully created with conversion in mind. We will create unique contact forms tailored to your company. Your website will be painstakingly optimized for mobile browsing in addition to being mobile-friendly. Your website will be secured with our SSL certificates and run on our lightning-fast VPS web servers. In the future, do you want to add more content to the website or start a blog? No issue! Your website will be built with a WordPress back end, which offers an intuitive structure that enables the addition of new material to the website. You’re off to a solid start with your efforts to rule the web because your site will also be developed with the right on-page SEO foundations. We also provide a lot of additional features. We can absolutely design a custom solution for you if you want more features and functionality than what is included in our regular plans.

Do I have to start with all of my content prepared?

No. While we wait for your written material, we may begin designing and building your website. We will also provide you with a content outline to aid in developing your message for your services or goods.

What Platform Do You Use To Build Websites On?

Our websites are all constructed using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet. By integrating with WordPress, we have limitless functionality and design options and can create websites that appear precisely how we want them to. This is advantageous because we can construct unique post kinds that will make it simple for you to log in and add more blog pages. All you have to do is text and hit the publish button.

Do I Own My Website?

Yes! Nobody is forced to use our services in exchange for continuing to access your website. The website is entirely yours once you have satisfied the entire balance of your website contract. The website may then be hosted, managed, and maintained by you on your own, or you can join our continuing care plan and leave it with us.

Can You Source Photos For Me?

We urge all of our clients to utilize their own pictures since it is more real and reflects the essence of your firm. Having said that, our clients frequently have photographs to utilize that aren’t of the highest quality. In this instance, we would start looking for stock photographs. We want to make sure your website has high-quality photos so that it looks its best. We can discover free stock photographs for you, but if you require photos that we cannot find for free, we can begin obtaining premium stock photography for you at no additional cost.

Why Do You Charge A Monthly Fee?

Our subscription service offers our customers three primary advantages: price, usability, and peace of mind. With our subscription service, we take the initial investment in a high-quality website and divide it into 24 manageable little installments rather than just two, as other online firms do. Really cool, huh? We effectively fund your website for you at a 0% interest rate. Our subscription service is simple to set up and use. Any business can launch a great website without having to pay anything upfront, which would often cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to do. With the help of this simple payment system, every company, even those with little resources, may have access to a top-notch website. Last but not least, our website plan offers assurance. On our server, your website will be hosted and maintained by our staff. We will maintain your site operating well and deal with any difficulties that will unavoidably emerge, so you never have to worry about any maintenance problems or troubleshooting mistakes.

Can I Cancel My Contract?

A 50% cancellation fee of the remaining balance will be charged for any contracts that are canceled before the stipulated 24-month period, and your website will also be taken down. The remaining amount of your contract must be paid in full, and we will package up your website files and transmit them to you if you decide to break your agreement and move your website to a different hosting company or website management team.

After my contract expires, what happens next?

When your contract expires, you will have three alternatives to select from.

Option 1: Renew your contract and receive a free redesign. It’s been two years since we designed your website, things have changed, and your brand may have evolved. If this is the case, take advantage of a completely new design.

Option 2: Upgrade to our $180 monthly maintenance package. From here, you may enjoy the benefits of knowing that we will actively host and manage your website. You will continue to receive limitless content updates, licensed usage of our plugins, and any premium features we have designed for you, such as a review display or SMS notifications.

Option 3: We can give the files for your website in a packaged form so that you can host, run, and maintain it going forward.

Can I Host The Website On My Own?

We do not permit any running PCD Sites to be hosted elsewhere. We employ lightning-quick hosting and offer the best assistance to all of our customers. You may buy a website design entirely if you choose to host your website anywhere you please, though!

Do I Need To Provide My Own Content?

If you would want to employ us to write material for you, we would be happy to do so, or you are welcome to supply your own. Creating original content may be a straightforward process for the majority of business owners. You are an expert in your field of expertise, both in terms of your services and goods as well as your target market. If writing a message to your chosen client comes naturally to you, we urge our clients to try and improve their messaging within their own team. If you don’t want to create your own content, we can undertake research on your business and create a message that will inform and influence potential consumers to make a purchase. Each page of material we write for you costs $150. Note: There is no charge for our content writing services for sites like contact, photo galleries, reviews, or other pages that don’t require a lot of unique material.

Why Shouldn't We Use Sites Sold by Another Company for $1500?

The ads that were left on the side of the road have also been observed. Any business that promises to create your website for $1500 should be avoided. Most likely, after receiving your payment, they will use a $50 theme to construct a website. They will only ask you to supply them with stuff about your organization and what you do so they can slap it onto the theme. When things go wrong, you won’t get any further assistance. You won’t have a brand that is customized or has a distinct approach. You won’t likely be able to submit any specific requests, and your website won’t be set up for SEO. Your experience will be subpar, and your website will resemble all the other inexpensive websites. The good news is that you can always contact us for a free consultation. Even if we’re not the right match for you, we can still save you from spending $1500 on a website that you could just wind up throwing away.

Do You Provide A Refund Promise?

No questions asked for 30 days, indeed. There is a small fee that is associated with the work we have already completed.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Absolutely! The best part about our website subscription service is that it ensures we’ll handle all of your website’s needs. Anything that goes wrong will be fixed without charge by us.

Do You Charge For Technical Support?

Tech assistance is already a part of your monthly membership and is not an additional cost.

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